Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A new challenge

In August (As you might have seen on my progress page) a few of the instagram members are doing a August Fit Challenge.

 Its a list of 30 items and you do one item each day. PLUS on top of this you needed to set goals.

Zero alchol for August (already alcohol free since June 30th)
Clean eating on point - 1 cheat meal
6 workouts a week

I am not concentrating on the scales although I have weighed myself for the start of this just to compare at the end. I won't be weighing myseld during the month and i will only be concentrating on those 3 goals above. So far 1 week in and I feel great. I CAN DO THIS.

I have delcared this week with TDPT to be strength training. I LOVE STRENGTH TRAINING. I hit a PB Dead lift at the gym yesterday (video to come) of 90kg deadlift. It felt fantastic. I remember only a few weeks ago 1 x 80kg rep was terrible. Even though I am doing strength training with Tim I am also pushing my cardio before our session. I combine running intervals and rowing and intevals on the crosstrainer.

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