Sunday, 16 September 2012


OK so its been a while since I posted on here. I am not sure why really, maybe busy, enjoying my exercise, not needing to clear my head with writing things down, work has been flat out its my busiest time of year. Maybe though they are all just excuses for being lazy.

The reason now is because now as of today I have no more sessions with Tim. Its pretty sad to say the least and something that I think has kept me motivated and busy for so long that I don't really even know what to write. I have learnt so much about myself and the gym in such a short amount of time its hard to stop something when you feel like its become part of your natural routine.

I am scared (yes I know its a personal trainer and not the end of the world) but I have been battling with my weight and muscle gain for so long that now having to do it myself is daunting. Will I get the same results and can I motivate myself is the main points of concern.

The reason for leaving - MONEY - the first, last and ONLY reason for stopping. If I had enough money I would do it all year. The reality is with 2 babies and financial comittments and realistic goals to meet its just not possible at the moment. Is this an excuse NO its just life and I know I have been so fortunate to have this luxury I seem to be complaining about losing but I can't help it. It keeps me mentally sane, focused and stable and away from alcohol which has been a monkey on my back for so long. So stopping my training with Tim scares me for alot of reasons. Will I fail as a mum again, start drinking way too much and be consumed by other things instead of focusing and eating clean food. For alot of you this probably doesn't seem like a big deal but for me this is the biggest thing I have had to face in months. I suppose admitting to anyone you think you had a drinking problem is a big deal, admitting it to yourself is an even bigger deal.

I will always remain truly thankful to Tim for all he has taught me and for the ditch that I was able to get myself out of. To get away from drinking 5 days a week even though I am sure he wasn't aware of this, it was the 5am sessions that stopped me drinking 2 bottles the night before. The techniques, the confidence to lift heavy weights and the knowledge of what to do and the experience. I cannot recommend Tim enough to anyone in Sydney that would like a personal trainer he is someone that can motivate and educate in so many ways and for someone that is just 19 years of age most days this would amaze me that someone so young can teach you so much about youself.

I suppose the next month or two I will be on here alot, blogging about unnecessary food items, workouts or whinging about stuff that isn't really relevant.

Do yourself a favour and contact Tim. I am hoping this isn't the end of my training with TDPT.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New exercise

As part of the August Fit Challenge we need to post a new exercise.

This is my favourite new exercise that Tim showed me a few weeks ago.

Its fantastic. It doesn't feel like much but trust me, lay down, lift up your arms and legs and don't let them touch the ground again, and rock back and forwards. The pain is amazing.

Give it a go and let me know how many reps you made on your first attempt. Its a painful yet addictive exercise.

Almond Milk

So after finally weaning out all processed foods from my diet 2 weeks ago I managed to remove the use of skim milk from my protein shakes and replaced it with water and Chia seeds. After completing this change, the very last change I wanted to make was removing skim milk from the one coffee I have at home of a morning.

To do this I wanted to swap and use Almond Milk. Alot of people are asking me why, well for some part of the reason I follow Paleo lifestyle of eating ALTHOUGH NOT 100% - I REPEAT NOT 100%. I love some of the concepts though and I feel fantastic with the combination eating plan I am on at the moment.

After some research before converting to Almond milk the most common repeated facts were that it is a natural source of the antioxidant vitamin E and is also low in fat, saturated fat and lactose and gluten free. Whilst I haven't been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance I now try to avoid ALL foods that are high in gluten or contain any gluten. I find my stomach does not react well and making the switch has felt beneficial for me.

Whilst the Almond Milk does not froth up as much as normal milk for a cappuccino, it makes a fantastic flat white with a tiny froth on top !!! DELICIOUS to be honset. The only downside is the cost. Skim milk for this container shown below is 1/4 of the price.

A new challenge

In August (As you might have seen on my progress page) a few of the instagram members are doing a August Fit Challenge.

 Its a list of 30 items and you do one item each day. PLUS on top of this you needed to set goals.

Zero alchol for August (already alcohol free since June 30th)
Clean eating on point - 1 cheat meal
6 workouts a week

I am not concentrating on the scales although I have weighed myself for the start of this just to compare at the end. I won't be weighing myseld during the month and i will only be concentrating on those 3 goals above. So far 1 week in and I feel great. I CAN DO THIS.

I have delcared this week with TDPT to be strength training. I LOVE STRENGTH TRAINING. I hit a PB Dead lift at the gym yesterday (video to come) of 90kg deadlift. It felt fantastic. I remember only a few weeks ago 1 x 80kg rep was terrible. Even though I am doing strength training with Tim I am also pushing my cardio before our session. I combine running intervals and rowing and intevals on the crosstrainer.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Fresh Vege's

I do my grocery shopping on a Sunday or Monday depending on our adventures with the kids on the weekened. I plan every meal including lunch for work so I know what I need and have ZERO excuses with food prep for our family.

My kids get involved, they packed away all of this fruit and vege with me, asking what is was used for this week and when we were going to eat it. I looked at this pic everyday this week it makes me smile. We are so lukcy in Australia to have such produce available to us.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Find

I always love when I purchase something new to use in the kitchen that I know has alot of benefits. I get so excited I want to share it with the world !!! I take pictures and show my children (who honestly don't really share my excitement). I tell my husband over and over endlessly who honestly I don't think used to care but now he does. Now it seems that he too is looking for new ideas or new products which is great.

We went up to Nelson Bay for the weekend, I didn't cheat too much on clean eating and on the way back we dropped into Olivers Real Food. This place was great I could have spent hours in there. Sadly we had eaten lunch so the only thing I purchased were some sweet potato chips, but Olivers was right next to McDonalds so honestly there is ZERO excuse for cheating when your on a North Coast drive. Check it out. There are 3 locations on the North Coast. Lets hope more pop up soon.

This is what I purchased, 100% gluten free certifed organic Sweet Potato Chips by Thomas Chipman. They are made in Australia. They were $5.90 and tasted great.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lemons and why I use them everyday

When I do my grocery shopping without even writing it on my list I automatically go for the lemons and limes. I buy 7 lemons a week and I use at least 1 lemon every day.

 My daughter takes apple to school so I chop it up and coat in fresh lemon juice because she hates brown apple.

I take a lemon to work and slice it through the day and squeeze the juice into my glass and add boiling water. I sip on this until it is finished and I end up consuming about 4 glasses of lemon water a day.

I also use lemon on cooked lamb, cooked fish, on top of my Zucchini patties (recipe on my recipe page).

 I first learnt about lemon's when I started dieting and read the heath benefits that include being able to assit in regulating your metabolism because it is a natural digestive acid. It also contains Pectin Fibre which helps to reduce your hunger and cravings.

The main thing for me that I noticed when I introduced this though was the benefit and effect it had on my skin. My skin felt fresh, free of blemish's and clean. Lemons also aid in sore throats, rheumatism and arthritis, reducing fever and to strengthen your immunity.

I made the decision 6 months ago to drink lemon water every day and eveyday at work its now a routine that I have 1 lemon on my desk and I make sure every last drop of fresh juice is gone by the end of the day.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I have weighed myself again and it is now confirmed that since April I have lost 6kg. Fantastic result if I do say so.

 I read through a few of my previous posts today and realised already how much I have learnt about clean eating. But honestly I don't actually have a weight goal now because this all seems to be happening without much effort. It doesn't feel like a "diet" it doesn't feel like I have changed anything. The eating feels natural and healthy and awesome. I am not starving myself of carbs, I am not eating only protein for 3 days and I am certainly not having to give up many things.

I have learnt how to adapt recipes for clean eating and I actually get a bit of a kick out of a creating new "clean eats" recipe's and sharing them where I can. I am enjoying this point in my life and cannot wait to pump out some muscle.

This pic was this morning on my return from the gym, I love turning around and looking down the road and taking on my day after a smashing session at the gym.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Shits about to get serious

So lately I have been thinking, and talking to hubby to about my goal. What is it? Can my goal really be just to get as toned and fit as possible? Can I upkeep such a thing once I have achieved it? Without getting burnt out?

I am still pondering this, wondering if there is a amatuer crossfit style competition, whether going back to the 4km races I used to do or maybe doing something like joining Karate is an idea. So while I do ponder I have decided to crank it up a little more.

Hubby purchased these for me and at first I felt like a dork even carrying them into the gym, now they are my everyday necessity that I take with me and cherish. Thanks hunny bunny. BRING ON THE BIG WEIGHTS and BIG SESSIONS.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Time for a break

Time for a break today. No alarm this morning, no gym session with Tim and no pics of food (although I can see my lunch and its tempting to instagram it) but I won't.

I hopped on the scales this morning, the thing I try to avoid most days and I have now lost 5kg. Which was an awesome surprise but confirming again that "Eat Clean" "Lift Heavy" "Train Hard" really works.

 I want to concentrate on my kids tonight, take my daughter to Karate and help her with her homework. I was guilty last night of being that mother that I dislike, the one that screams and shouts and hasn't got time for homework or sitting on the ground acting like a fool tickling my babies. So I promised myself this morning that tonight will be different.

 I took this pic at my dads this morning, in the rain and I have been looking at it all day to remind me that the simplest things created by mother nature are the most amazing.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Entertainment Book

If you don't have one of these


They are fantastic, loads and loads of savings

Below is the best voucher I found while searching the book on the weekend. 25% off Fruit and Veg and with the amount that we go through and the fact its not too far from our house will be awesome.

stupid stupid computer won't let me realign pic sorry people

Picture perfect

I took this pic of my little boy last week at the beach, just a fluke shot had no idea about the shadow and took it with my iphone. I just love it though, one of those pics I could stare at every day.

Rest your mind & your body

My hubby purchased this diary for me well over 3 years ago on a work trip away from Kikki K. At the time I was SOOO cranky, he had been away for 4 days and our daughter was quite young and he arrived back just short of mothers day and this is what I got....... AWESOME a fricken diary. I was so annoyed and upset I think I remember having an argument about it a few times.

So a few years have now past and this is the best thing I have that I carry everywhere. Its in my handbag everyday. I don't write in it everyday just days when I have done something I want to remember, that I am proud of myself for or proud of my children for and milestones we have in our life. The targets that I have set and way's I want to achieve them and goals for every day. In the past I have written some upsetting things about arguments I have had, about down days I have had and about awesome days I have had. I have stapled the first portion of it together never to be read again as I start my new clean eating adventure and as I have vowed for this to now be my life I refuse to read back in the past instead just to focus on the future.

The kitchen journal (behind the diary) was a present from my sister, it has recipes in it, spaces for my recipes and just little nice notes and suggestions through it. I used this to write my new "clean eating" recipes in now and on Sunday after my session with Amanda I drove home to a cafe near our house, sat with my diary and my recipe book and cleared my head, set new goals, created new recipes and finished my coffee then enjoyed my grocery shopping. No kids, no hubby just me and my list I think it took me 2 hours but it was soooo relaxing.

Remember to rest your mind and your body. Whatever your vice is to rest your mind be consistant and reap the relaxation reward.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

This week

My week is nearly over. This week I failed on 3 days to do my extra cardio. Honestly I just couldn't get out of bed. I still got to my normal gym routine with Tim 5 days at 5.30am and smashed it every time so pat on the back for me.

The 2 cardio extra mornings were: 

Interval on the treadmill first day - 5 min at 11pace 1 minute rest x 3

Interval on the treadmill rower - 500m run, 500m row x 3

I also managed to crash my car (very very minor)

Lose $30

Lose my entertainment book

Misplace my daughters library book

Arrive 1 hour late on 2 consecutive days for work AND grow a large pimple on my face

Below is the goal I set myself on Monday and however hard the day, I still completed this. Once the kids are in bed its wind down time for Hubby and I so I normally work this into my stretching time. It sounds like alot but doesn't take long and I found myself accountable. I nearly forgot last night, it was 10pm but my want to achieve this got me out of bed in my Jammies to do it and I did.

Goals are easy to set, but achieving them is a test of your determination
Don't let an excuse stop you

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Weekly groceries

I shop for my groceries every Sunday for the entire week and I  sometimes end up with excess Fruit and Veg beacuse I always make sure I buy extra.

These bags are FANTASTIC they keep the fruits and vege's crunchy, crispy and fresh without that saggy blah blah second day droop they get. You simply put the fruit or veg (I normally combine a few) into the bag and there you go. You can purchase them from Woolworths where all the cling wrap and alfoil is based.

Just don't put mushrooms in there is my only advice !!!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Its not all Laughs, Roses and Happiness

I had a few comments on my blog last night and some emails alot of you saying I was a "super mum" and that I am fantastic, I am extremely grateful for such comments and emails and I am very happy alot of people read that post last night for alot of reasons.

But I was driving to work this morning and thought its important to share a few points for the mothers that read my blog last night. I do not in anyway want you all to think that I am a "super mum" although I will take credit when credit is due and I give credit to EVERY mother because it is the best, most awesome, shittiest, crappiest, unrewarding and rewarding job in the world I have ever had to do. Here are my quick points (I just wanted to avoid a big long story)

  1. I have cried alot since my babies were born, somedays in a heap on the lounge room floor, sometimes on the phone to friends or my mum because I didn't know what was wrong with my baby, I couldn't hear them crying AGAIN all day, I had no strength to change 1 more nappy or I had to go to woolworths covered in vomit only to realise it was on my jeans aswell as my top.
  2. I have laughed a heap with both of my children sometimes at things that are highly inappropriate like when my son said fuck last night - yes I know its bad its the first time he has said it but goodness what a shock, or when my daughter just told me a joke on Sunday that she learnt from poppy, "knock knock", "who's there", Major", Major Who?" - "Made your bum sore". Again highly inappropriate but I have been laughing to myself since Sunday about it.
  3. I am proud as punch and float my own boat when my daugter (6) received her star student badge on assembly that she proudly wears every day, but I get cranky when she spills a drink or her dinner or doesn't listen the first, second or third time when I ask her to do something.
  4. I have been depressed, at times I have hated being a mother I have drank too much alcohol on MANY occasions, I have screamed at my kids, I have screamed at my husband ALOT (!!!) over the past 6 years and now I have come through the other side and can see the green in the tree's and the blue of the sky.
  5. I scream through the week, I run late for work, this morning I was 1 hour late for work because I forgot my son's school bag for daycare and because I am toilet training him I had to go and get it and drop it off.
  6. My daughter went to school without her library bag today because I couldn't find it but she said "mum its ok we have enough library books from our other library at home" she is so resilient when I feel so guilty as a busy mum its days like this I want to tickle her little feet and kiss her nose so even though I was 1 hour late for work I am leaving 2 hours early to pick her up from school as a surprise.
  7. I try and have one on one time with them both and be the best mum I can, some days I fail miserably other days I look at myself and I am thankful for who I have become, for the mother both good and bad that my children and husband let me be.
  8. My son has seen me cry and wipes away my tears with his hands, my daughter cuddles me and tells me its going to be ok.
  9. My parents are amazing and I have learnt from them how to be strong, how to be a task master, how to play, love and how to support unconditionally.
  10. I am no super mum, just trying to do my best for those that need me the most, I sit here at work in tears thinking of this emotional Journey I have been on but without this journey I wouldn't have experienced and learnt so many things.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Yes I have a Trainer sometimes 2 !

I am writing this in annoyance, which is not normally what I do but to me this was important to share.

This morning in general conversation a work colleague was saying they had no time to get to the gym or do exercise. The conversation continued and I shared the information of having a trainer. This work colleague then continued to rant on that if I am using a trainer its no wonder I am getting results because - and wait for it - I AM CHEATING - and wait for it - BEING SELFISH WHEN I HAVE KIDS...............

I was crushed to say the least.

Apparently having someone to motivate or push you to go further, with heavier weights, or better form or out of your comfort zone is cheating and being selfish. WOW fooled me. I thought it showed more motivation to be the best you can. Selfish ? I train before my kids wake up during the week and on Sunday with Amanda I take the kids with me.

I follow a totally "clean diet", sometimes using Paleo concepts although not 100%. I cook all meals myself - breakfast, lunch and dinner for my husband, my 2 children and myself and I work fulltime. I share my recipes with other people, create my own and cook for my personal trainer on the odd occasion (when I need a guinea pig). I google non-stop when I have a chance so that I can educate myself on correct eating habits, new idea's, new ways to prepare food and new ways I can inspire myself, MY CHILDREN and my husband everyday of my life.

I have lost a total now of 65kg in the past 4 years by losing 30kg in 2008 and then 35kg again in 2009/2010 and 2011 that I gained while pregnant with my last child and I am now happy to say I am fine tuning what I have learnt.

 I am in the process of losing a few more centimetres and not concentrating as much on weight and I am now building muscle. For those of you that know how hard it is as a woman to build muscle you will appreciate the effort. For the past month I wake up at 4.45am or 5am Monday-Friday, I come home at 6am while my children are still asleep and pack lunch's for the day while having coffee with hubby. We get our 2 kids ready (nearly 3 and 6 year old) for school. We leave for work at 7am and I work 8 hours, I pick them both up and then cook dinner, do the washing, do home work, read books and play games, create new recipes and set new goals for the week. I make time for my husband when the kids are both in bed and my day does not usually finish until 11pm only to set my alarm for 4.45am and do it all over again.

I play netball on Saturday's for fun with an awesome group of ladies that I dare say saved me somewhat this year from taking a wrong turn in alot of aspects in my life. I take my daughter with me and she loves to watch and play and I LOVE the fact I take her.

My trainer (or trainers because shock horror at the moment I have 2) is not in my bed, nor did they set my alarm, get me out of bed or do any of the above chores for me I DID THEM MYSELF. I am ALWAYS tired and sore and complain very little apart from to my husband who is AWESOME and is my rock. I try and make the right decisions and choices for me and my family and point them in the right direction. My daughter now chooses water NOT cordial, she chooses raw cashews NOT a LCM sugar bar and my son chooses Strawberries NOT biscuits. They are not forced to eat these, the choices are there both healthy and bad in our house as I believe in educating them what is right in large quantities and what is right in small. My daughter does Karate, Netball & Tennis again this is her choice, she loves being active and I love her being active.

The fact someone dare say I am cheating or being selfish, cheating would mean taking a tablet or a magic pill that would do it all for me without the effort because trust me its tiring, but its my choice and I love my life.

I tribute my current state in life to alot of people my extremly supportive husband 100% but want to shout out to Tim and Amanda. If it wasn't for Amanda's blog in January this year I would be an alcoholic by now with more weight on than off because it was her clean eating inspiration that got me up and going again. If it wasn't for Tim I wouldn't be hitting the goals I am with weights and cardio everyday, I improve my session EVERYDAY.  Please take the time to check these 2 awesome MOTIVATORS out below. Trust me its worth it.

 I train with Tim Monday - Friday EVERY DAY and I train with Amanda on Sunday's at Marourbra.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

New Challenge

This morning we did a new arm weight exercise at the gym, I was scared and nervous but when someone else believes in you, you just need to TRUST. I accomplised my workout this morning and felt great. New Skill learnt and no damage to my head, neck or ego in the process !!!!

This is my whiteboard at work, I decided instead of the boring information that it normally has that I will try and also use it for my thoughts and where I am at each day. Just another location where I can be honest and accountable for myself and my goal.


On target everyday with Clean Eating, missed the gym once although it doesn't feel like I did.

Extra gym work pre TDPT for 3 days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

Monday, 9 July 2012

The weekend

Our family is all about new experiences and being healthy. I had my first session with Amanda on Sunday at Maroubra so when we had finished the kids were having so much fun we stayed all afternoon.

My daughter has a pair of Heely Skate shoes and she had such a great time exploring the skate ramp, I am so proud of her zooming around she loved it and is only 6. My son giving it a go on his bum, we will bring his skate board or scooter next week.

Lovely awesome afternoon with my babies on a Sunday - nothing better


Didn't train with Tim this morning, head ache was pounding so I wussed out. Definately should have gone but the past is the past. I have declared this stretch day, so every spare minute I get at work at my desk I will be stretching.

I am so lazy with stretching, well I don't actually stretch at all so time to start making time.

refocus, regroup - Clean Eating today and Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Surviving the weekend

So this weekend was my first weekend without wine or champagne in a very very long time. I have realised FINALLY that if I want to start seeing results then totally disobeying clean eating and healthy habits on a weekend is not going to get any results. I needed to come to the realisation that chips & alcohol should not be a staple diet from Friday to Sunday.

So clean eating most of this weekend and ZERO alcohol plus a session with Amanda - KILLED IT.

I had another session with Tim this morning and feel great, considering every other Monday I have felt rubbish until Wednesday I have realised today how having 2 glasses of wine has even made me feel total rubbish.

My goal now going forward is to make this my routine for each and every weekend.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The story

OK - so I have decided to post some pics from the start of my training. I hate doing this but honestly its the only way I think I will remain accountable to myself and be honest with myself. If I put the pics out there its a motivation to get some better ones up. I now have a Progress Pics page that will be updated regularly with new pics, the first are the worst for more reason than one!!! Bad colour clothing, bad lighting and in a mad rush.

I started my actual weight loss journey October 2009 and by half way through 2011 I had lost a total of 35kg. I started with the dredded treadmill when my son was 6 weeks old and slowly changed and evolved from a local gym and boxercise (oh dear) to Hi-Reps outdoor fitness . Finding Hi-Reps was a blessing, they taught me to train hard and I shed a further 10kg with Mark in 2011. I am noted on here with my success story from April 2011.

After going back to work 5 days this year in 2012, a change in work hours, a change in the kids and their needs and a change in our lifestyle it attending the sessions at particular times quite hard. Alot of reasons though not just timing, I think I was burnt out, I was tired and I needed to take some time for myself, I had started yelling at the kids, losing sight of alot of other things in life apart from losing my next 500grams and it started to effect everyone and everything around me.

 I took 4 months off stopped to cram my exericise and started to enjoy my kids, taught my daughter how to ride her bike without training wheels and some days just sit on the floor with them and play I had to re-discover what my motivation was. I decided I had lost all my weight and to try and lose anymore would in fact interfer with other things but what was I going to do next.

The weird thing was when I started to focus on other things I again started to get lazy with my eating habits and drift into the cycle of no exercise and gaining weight all over again. I knew after gaining 5kg I had to change so I have spent the good part of the last 3 months working on myself, my motivation and my education of "clean eating". I attribute my need to gain knowledge of clean eating to Amanda at  Since finding her blog I realised my eating wasn't as organised and controlled as what I thought it was so I have spent the last few months researching, educating myself and making right food choice not to lose any weight but to gain muscle and also feel healthy and energised.

SO - then I found TDPT  after joining Anytime Fitness (first motivation being their 24 hours opening times which meant ZERO excuses). Tim is fantastic, we do interesting traing inside and outside. I lift heavy weights but do interesting cardio and I finally find myself after close on 6 months of wondering what direction I am going in that I can see clearly through the tree's. I bounce out of bed for my training, I have met a heap of positive people, I am focused on "clean eating" for myself, hubby and my kids and I feel fantastic. Its not about losing weight now, counting all my calories or being Skinny Minny, its about building muscle and maintaining my weight, about feeling strong and being defined about feeling clean and healthy and energised. In the last month we haven't done the same workout once. I have even accomplished a 300 set workout which I never thought I would do that included 50 situps, 50 hanging leg raises, 50 chin ups, 50 burpies, 50 deadlift (45kg) and 50 shoulder press (7kg dumb bells).

 So I suppose at the moment that is where my story continues from. From here where I go is up to me. But if I succeed in teaching my children the importance of healty options in life, smiling and enjoying everything each day then my goal is complete.

The week

Got through the week - I felt like the hangover was never going to go away. Slowly as the week has gone on I feel back to myself. I have had a few cheeky meals though. I blame tiredness, laziness and alcohol from the weekend. (KFC being the main one, I had it on Monday YUCK) .

I think I had more days this week though either being lazy or doubting myself and doubting it was worth all my hard work but then when I would get out of bed and get to training I would remember that feeling of accomplishing a new exercise, a new weight or just feeling strong and remember that HELL YEAH its worth it.

The best part of my week by far was Thursday not only because it was my birthday but because we did a strength session. Its weird, after years of just cardio, and treadmill and running etc etc now all I want to do is strength training, smash some heavy weights and feel strong. Maybe its because I used to hate the gym and I felt intimidated. Now the best part of my training is the weights. Don't get me wrong I still do the other sessions because I know once I have done those sessions there is always a strength session coming.

The weekend brings the start of my "Month of Sunday's" with Amanda. I can't wait to pick her brain and steal some of her enthusasium.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Clean eating

Clean eating returned and I feel sooooo much better today. Back on track with my fresh lemon in hot water and 2 litres of water a day. 3 more sessions to go this week with TDPT and a session with Amanda on Sunday at Maroubrah.

Lunch today, mushroom and egg pie topped with Chia Seeds & salad with a splash of Balsamic and my keyboard in the background to prove I actually do work ALL day

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Guilt free weekend

Took a bit of encouragement but I succeeded, finishing the weekend Sunday night with a few slices of pizza that I actually didn't enjoy.

Back into training tomorrow - allowing myself one more night of rest to chill with my babies. Grocery list done for the week, clean eating come back I have missed you.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Its my birthday

SO - its my birthday next week, and I have declared it DRINK, EAT and DONT FEEL GUILTY.

That started great, I didn't do a workout this morning because I got my hair done last night so I have felt "guilty" all day. I am already wondering what I should eat at the restaurant that won't be too bad and wondering if I should lock in a session Sunday afternoon because my lovely parents are taking us to Yum Cha for my birthday. I am also wishing my weekend would go fast so I can lock in some gym sessions for every day next week.

So as you can see the Drinking, Eating and NOT feeling guilty is really working. Its strange I seem to feel my most comfortable when my sessions are booked in and my fridge is packed for "clean eating".

I think it has actually become my natural thought process because I am seeing results. When I started my toning journey with TDPT I told myself that I would not get on the scales. Finally being happy with my size all I wanted was to start some serious muscle definition. I have started to feel strong, I can see the improvement in my workouts and finally this week POP out came some muscle definition on my arms. So this morning I did it, I jumped on the scales and I am 1kg down. Not that excited because I am not focusing on it, but excited because the theory seems to be working.

Eat clean, lift heavy.  Eat clean, lift heavy.

Monday starts a new mindset for me, hopefully more than 5 workouts a week and a month of Sunday's booked in with Amanda Weekes at Maroubrah, you can check out her page here on facebook. I will still be doing my trianing with Tim but this is a added extra for the month to shake it up a bit and pick her brain.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Special mention

Because it seems to always be about me

My amazing little girl achieved her second degree yellow belt this week. She worked so hard during her grading, trying to kick as high and hard as possible. After it she was SO proud of herself. Professing aswell that as Karate and Netball she now wants Gymnastics so Gymnastics it is.


This morning was the first morning I actually felt progress. We never do the same workout twice which is probably contributing to the reason I love waking up at pre 5am to find out what challenge is in store.

But today we did something that I had done before. Step up with 12.5kg dumb bells (12 reps) and 30 seconds of box jumps in between. We did this 4 times. I remember a little over 3 weeks ago I did the step ups with the same weights (only 8 reps) without the box jumps but I believe I had to stop every 2 or 3 because I was dying and my right leg was like a dead fish and hardly even supporting my weight.

This morning proud to say I smashed it and it felt awesome. These are the mornings that make me realise eating clean and training every day is worth it. BRING IT ON

 p.s I also dead lift 80kg yesterday YEAH ME DA BOSS BABY !!! (all be it twice but hey twice is twice and I am holding onto that achievement)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Morning stretch with Eggs & Coffee

So Hubby was away most of the week for work, Wednesday morning at 5am, heater on, homemade coffee (fancy pattern!), 1 egg, 1 eggwhite, 2 handfuls of mushrooms, 1 tablespoon of Tamari - Ta Dah !! all in under 4 minutes. What a better way to stretch before work. (p.s babies asleep so nice and peaceful)

Sup with my Hoodie

Thanks to my 6 year old who actually snapped this yesterday afternoon while I was chatting to my dad, nice butt !! Hands in pockets, dad saying his usual "why don't you just stop and rest !!!! Love my hoodie though for TDPT, it keeps me accountable when I wear it at home aswell.

Turns out it was an excuse

I sms'd to cancel training, got a reply saying "are you sure" my reply NO. See I wasn't sure, I didn't REALLY want to cancel.

Sometimes as a mother I feel guilty that I am devoting my time to something for myself and yesterday was one of those times. I talked myself into thinking it was ok, but honestly I didn't want to miss out on training I wanted to get there and smash it out.

I still managed to make my beautiful daughter even more beautiful for her disco, I managed to pick up my little son, and still got to my daughter's disco to collect her, I met some other mums, talked to my daughter's friends, then got my babies some dinner on the way home and snuggled on the couch in front of the heater.

SUCCESS. Moral of the story - ZERO EXCUSES, I committed to myself 2 weeks ago that I would do at least 3 months of hard training with ZERO EXCUSES and yesterday I overcame one of those days. I still managed to wake up at 5.30am for this morning's session.  


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Its not an excuse ! (Is it)

OK - so I have realised today that I am not superwomen. Ruff has been away since Monday, and I have managed to complete the following:
  • Eat clean EVERY SINGLE DAY breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 2 litres of water every single day
  • 1 load of washing every day (yes that counts!!!)
  • My daughter's homework (yes she did it herself but I still need to be a good positive mummy and sit with her, although my advice on math's is not encouraged!!)
  • 2 training sessions (one with the babies)
  • work 4 days (a fifth being Friday)
  • Create 2 new recipes
  • Made 2 new positive contacts
  •  laughed, laughed and laughed alot more
This week with my babies has been fantastic, however I have to be honest I cancelled this afternoon's session wtih TDPT. Now despite my last blog about "excuses" I don't believe this is an excuse its more a legitimate reason. See my daughter has her school disco, and my son needs to be picked up from day care all in about 1.5 hours. Now whilst I like to think I am totally fantastic and do at times float my own boat, I fear that this could have been one of those times where the boat sank!!!.

I don't want to be trying to cram in so many things that I forget how to sit down on the floor and play with my babies, to make sure my daughter's hair is perfect for her disco. To get my son in time before I need to pick her up so I can give him one on one time too. To be a great mum I have realised that somedays I need to say no to things and yes to everything else. If today means No to training then it means yes to being a awesome mum and I can live with that.  I have been through a stage when being a mum was a chore, somedays the most difficult thing I could fathom doing but I have come thru the clouds to realise their beautiful little faces and somedays I just can't get enough of them.

I will do a run in the middle here somewhere. But without rushing, screaming or cutting corners on other things that are important today.

Disco Dancing

Nothing better than disco dancing with my babies at home after a workout, we crank up our favourite song, as my 2 year old says "Passion in my pants and I know mumma" and we dance and laugh and laugh and dance.

Monday, 18 June 2012


Some ladies at work often come up to me and look at my food or ask when I have time to exercise. I see them go and buy some hot chips from the cafeteria which usually takes them 10 minutes to walk to. They come back and look at my lunch and say wow I wish I had time to do that I just don't have the time because I am working. I am sorry but its ZERO excuses in my book.

Sure there are reasons why you don't do things and these reasons can be unavoidable but then there are excuses which is what you do when you are scared to change or commit to something. My husband (Ruffy) is away at the moment for 4 days for work. I have 2 children as some of you already know (2.5 & 6 years old) and I work 5 days a week. I leave home at 7am and drop them both off in 2 separate locations and leave work at 3.30pm and pick them up in 2 separate locations. I didn't manage a workout on my first day of him away but I still managed to eat clean, cook a fresh dinner and make a kiss ass lunch, get Akahia's home work done and get the babies in bed on time.


This was today's lunch, simply add 2 tablespoons of brownrice to the left over chicken & sauteed mushrooms from dinner. Heat it, and place on top of the bowl of salad I had made last night and put in a container - salad greens, shallots & capsicum with a little balsamic and chia seeds. I am leaving work today at 3pm, taking my daughter to her Karate grading, picking up my son and driving home for a workout session with Tim. I will then cook a "clean" dinner and prepare my lunch, continue homework, do a load of washing, bath the babies and have them in bed all ready for tomorrow.

 My point of this post isn't to float my own boat, but today is the time I realised that I actually enjoy and love doing all of this, I LOVE my workouts, I LOVE clean eating, I LOVE preparing a great healthy meal for my family and I LOVE having the energy without excuses.


Clean eats Dinner

Chicken breast marinated in rosemary & garlic then steamed/poached, I kind of put it on low heat no oil until it warms up then put the lid on and drop the heat, it creates its own juice then I cover it in alfoil and turn off the heat until its cooked thru. Sautee mushrooms & red onions with chilli and garlic then place it all on top of salad greens. I made a dressing last night out of low fat greek yoghurt and fresh mint.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

300 set workout

I had a session with Tim Friday morning, he decides to spring on me that our afternoon session will be a "300 set workout" whats that I stupidly asked. Its a workout that includes 300 reps of exercises. As I am a little OCD when it comes to being mentally prepared I googled it all day and wondered all afternoon till 4pm whether I would finish it before midnight.

50 dead lifts (45kg)
50 pushups
50 hanging leg raises
50 sit ups
50 chin ups
50 shoulder press (7kg dumb bells)

BUT I DID IT in 18 minutes no less and felt fantastic. Sore sore and more sore but what an achievement.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I love mornings

For some reason I love working out in the morning, I love the fresh air, I love arriving at the gym early early, I love coming home and standing outside for a few minutes. I look at the sun emerging, I look down the street and across the sky. We live on a small hill so normally you can see into the suburbs and all the lovely tree's. But this morning I couldn't see a thing, when I left at 5.15am it was foggy and when I got back it was clearing, just.

Its Thursday

So I committed to myself to train hard and eat clean.

This week we have SUCCESS. By tomorrow afternoon I would have clocked up 5 sessions with Tim  (Tim Doonan Personal Training).

Clean eating the entire week. There were chips in the cupboard and I didn't even have 1. Nor did I have one "bacon in a biscuit" when my 2.5 year old had a bowl for afternoon tea. After dinner I made myself a pudding with 1 scoop of Gaspari Protein Powder, I survived the week and feel fantastic.

This mornings 30 min workout 
500m row
50 Box jumps
50 pushups
500m row
10 Burpies
500m row
3 x sets 1 minute plank on the ball

Box jumps though - ouch

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tim Doonan Personal Training

So - Tim Doonan Personal Training is the place to go and Tim is the coach. Positive, energetic and encouraging. After using Tim for a month to get back on track for 3 sessions a week the pocket was running out of cash. Tim then mentioned the great deal of unlimited 30 minute sessions for a month at $350. Thats awesome.

Booked in ready to go, first session this morning was awesome. Another 5.30am tomorrow morning. Before pics I promise tomorrow.

Tim Doonan Personal Training

Journey started 12th June.

Before pics

Before pics taken but not good enough !!! Try again tonight. Dinner last night, steak, tamari, garlic, dried chilli, shallots, capscium, spinach & rocket - clean eats Yum

Monday, 11 June 2012

Lunch today - first day of getting real Chicken breast with chilli, thyme & garlic, 2 tablespoons of brown rice, spinach, rocket - YUM

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Forgot my lemons

I forgot my lemon for my lemon tea today - sad

But 2 litres of water will be just as good for me

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Time to crank it

Ok 3 weeks since started, training has been fantastic. Diet has had a few hiccups here and there. Mainly emotional eating. But I am deciding not to focus as much on the weight as on the exercise. My eating is I think quite good apart from the occasional treat and I just want to get my eating right first again.

My daughter has finally learnt how to use her Heely's roller shoes. I booked her a lesson at Skate HQ in Manly and within 10 minutes the guy had taught her the basics. Now she fly's around. She is doing fantastic at Netball and helping me in the kitchen with the fresh herbs for dinner.

Monday, 14 May 2012

First session yesterday

Ok so first session with Tim at Anytime Fitness yesterday. Legs are sore, arms are sore, everything is sore but I feel great.

lettuce, cumber, red onion, grilled lamb with garlic and mint, and olive oil dressing YUM and YUM

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Its happening

OK - so I knew it would be a matter of time when I changed a few things and they became routine.

Lunch is left over dinner - clean eating for lunch GREAT WORK TO ME

Dinner is already organised - Quinoa on the menu with more chicken and vege's, although hubby is getting really sick of chicken. So I have already completed the shopping list for next week, loads of clean eating variety plus lunch's for every day.

 I was driving home the other week and with the 2 kids and working full time I was getting down on myself for not being organised enough with my clean eating and food for lunch. I was falling down for now being organised.

I am no so organised I can't wait for next week to begin.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Its Tuesday

OK so after searching of my soul last week and the need for some focus and direction, pledging my new love for clean diet and getting in the gym - where am I at?

I seem to be kicking ass at dinner time with clean meals - CHECK

I have committed myself to oats and water for breakfast with Chia seeds - CHECK

I have committed myself to 1 coffee followed by fresh squeezed lemon in hot water and water only during the day - CHECK

There is no need to focus on what I haven't accomplished, I believe achieving and maintaining and then adding one by one


Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Issue, The Solution and The Future

The Issue
I have 2 babies aged 2 and 5 and a husband, I work 5 days a week. Last year I only worked 4 days, so one day I would workout in the day with my son. The kids were not so demanding and homework wasn't so full on. This year finds me working 5 days and the babies being more demanding with school work.  I used to train at night and take them with me. So I thought late night workouts were the way to go but found I would always make excuses. Then I had to work out why the excuses, then I realised, I love being at home at night to get the house organised, cook a nice healthy dinner, spend time playing with the kids and having downtime at night. Then I realised this wasn't a bad thing and I wanted to devote my nights to enjoying my time with the kids instead of rushing around to get it all done or sometimes none of it done to just to get to the gym, only to be stressed out the next morning because I didn't cook lunch, didn't fold the washing and didn't do homereaders with my daughter. Then I would get down on myself for not doing it.

The Solution
Early 5.00am workouts. Whats stopping me I started to ask myself, well sleep mainly and the cold air. The fact between my 2 kids that 1 normally wakes for one reason or another at night means I think I need more sleep but reality is I won't die without the sleep. Last year to lose my last 10kg I was getting up at 4.45am (All be it with a personal trainer) to get to my goal. Why am I being so lazy and not doing it for myself without the trainer - NO REASON - its just pure laziness. So 5am workouts it is.

Hubby and I don't have that much down time together and we used love to workout together. He works in the city and I haven't worked in the city since we got engaged in 2002. Its only now in 2012 that we are finally members of the same gym again. YAY. Another issue though no creche at the gym. So I have come up wtih a plan thankfully involving my parents who are going to mind the babies on a Sunday so hubbs and I can do a massive hardout session on a Sunday together to start the week. YAY thanks parents. We get time together to work on our goals together.

The Future

HOLDS NO EXCUSES. A organised house, a healthy us and great balance.

The beginning of the new beginning

2008 - I lost 35kg by June, became pregnant December with my second baby (a boy)

2009/2010 - I lost  30kg

2011 - I lost another 10kg and finally weighing in at my smallest 77kg (I am 176cm tall)

2011/2012 - December - April - I have now gained 6kg (Which feels like 40kg)

The new beginning for me is a lifestyle change for good. To educate my children the importance of exercise and healthy life balance. I have a new obsession with Clean Eating thanks to Amanda at and I am excited about the challenges I have to face.

I say excited because last month losing even another 4kg seemed like the hardest task I would need to face. I thought the best way to block this was to go back to my old habits of champagne, cheese, chips and more champagne and maybe a few more chips and cheese. I was looking at it in a negative way not a positive.

I have spent the past week trying to work it out, trying to workout why I avoid the gym, why the excuse is easier than the solution and I came up with so many answers and finally last night it all became clear.  This is what I discovered and now will be the benchmark for the new beginning.

The Issue, The Solution and The Future