Sunday, 16 September 2012


OK so its been a while since I posted on here. I am not sure why really, maybe busy, enjoying my exercise, not needing to clear my head with writing things down, work has been flat out its my busiest time of year. Maybe though they are all just excuses for being lazy.

The reason now is because now as of today I have no more sessions with Tim. Its pretty sad to say the least and something that I think has kept me motivated and busy for so long that I don't really even know what to write. I have learnt so much about myself and the gym in such a short amount of time its hard to stop something when you feel like its become part of your natural routine.

I am scared (yes I know its a personal trainer and not the end of the world) but I have been battling with my weight and muscle gain for so long that now having to do it myself is daunting. Will I get the same results and can I motivate myself is the main points of concern.

The reason for leaving - MONEY - the first, last and ONLY reason for stopping. If I had enough money I would do it all year. The reality is with 2 babies and financial comittments and realistic goals to meet its just not possible at the moment. Is this an excuse NO its just life and I know I have been so fortunate to have this luxury I seem to be complaining about losing but I can't help it. It keeps me mentally sane, focused and stable and away from alcohol which has been a monkey on my back for so long. So stopping my training with Tim scares me for alot of reasons. Will I fail as a mum again, start drinking way too much and be consumed by other things instead of focusing and eating clean food. For alot of you this probably doesn't seem like a big deal but for me this is the biggest thing I have had to face in months. I suppose admitting to anyone you think you had a drinking problem is a big deal, admitting it to yourself is an even bigger deal.

I will always remain truly thankful to Tim for all he has taught me and for the ditch that I was able to get myself out of. To get away from drinking 5 days a week even though I am sure he wasn't aware of this, it was the 5am sessions that stopped me drinking 2 bottles the night before. The techniques, the confidence to lift heavy weights and the knowledge of what to do and the experience. I cannot recommend Tim enough to anyone in Sydney that would like a personal trainer he is someone that can motivate and educate in so many ways and for someone that is just 19 years of age most days this would amaze me that someone so young can teach you so much about youself.

I suppose the next month or two I will be on here alot, blogging about unnecessary food items, workouts or whinging about stuff that isn't really relevant.

Do yourself a favour and contact Tim. I am hoping this isn't the end of my training with TDPT.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New exercise

As part of the August Fit Challenge we need to post a new exercise.

This is my favourite new exercise that Tim showed me a few weeks ago.

Its fantastic. It doesn't feel like much but trust me, lay down, lift up your arms and legs and don't let them touch the ground again, and rock back and forwards. The pain is amazing.

Give it a go and let me know how many reps you made on your first attempt. Its a painful yet addictive exercise.

Almond Milk

So after finally weaning out all processed foods from my diet 2 weeks ago I managed to remove the use of skim milk from my protein shakes and replaced it with water and Chia seeds. After completing this change, the very last change I wanted to make was removing skim milk from the one coffee I have at home of a morning.

To do this I wanted to swap and use Almond Milk. Alot of people are asking me why, well for some part of the reason I follow Paleo lifestyle of eating ALTHOUGH NOT 100% - I REPEAT NOT 100%. I love some of the concepts though and I feel fantastic with the combination eating plan I am on at the moment.

After some research before converting to Almond milk the most common repeated facts were that it is a natural source of the antioxidant vitamin E and is also low in fat, saturated fat and lactose and gluten free. Whilst I haven't been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance I now try to avoid ALL foods that are high in gluten or contain any gluten. I find my stomach does not react well and making the switch has felt beneficial for me.

Whilst the Almond Milk does not froth up as much as normal milk for a cappuccino, it makes a fantastic flat white with a tiny froth on top !!! DELICIOUS to be honset. The only downside is the cost. Skim milk for this container shown below is 1/4 of the price.

A new challenge

In August (As you might have seen on my progress page) a few of the instagram members are doing a August Fit Challenge.

 Its a list of 30 items and you do one item each day. PLUS on top of this you needed to set goals.

Zero alchol for August (already alcohol free since June 30th)
Clean eating on point - 1 cheat meal
6 workouts a week

I am not concentrating on the scales although I have weighed myself for the start of this just to compare at the end. I won't be weighing myseld during the month and i will only be concentrating on those 3 goals above. So far 1 week in and I feel great. I CAN DO THIS.

I have delcared this week with TDPT to be strength training. I LOVE STRENGTH TRAINING. I hit a PB Dead lift at the gym yesterday (video to come) of 90kg deadlift. It felt fantastic. I remember only a few weeks ago 1 x 80kg rep was terrible. Even though I am doing strength training with Tim I am also pushing my cardio before our session. I combine running intervals and rowing and intevals on the crosstrainer.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Fresh Vege's

I do my grocery shopping on a Sunday or Monday depending on our adventures with the kids on the weekened. I plan every meal including lunch for work so I know what I need and have ZERO excuses with food prep for our family.

My kids get involved, they packed away all of this fruit and vege with me, asking what is was used for this week and when we were going to eat it. I looked at this pic everyday this week it makes me smile. We are so lukcy in Australia to have such produce available to us.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Find

I always love when I purchase something new to use in the kitchen that I know has alot of benefits. I get so excited I want to share it with the world !!! I take pictures and show my children (who honestly don't really share my excitement). I tell my husband over and over endlessly who honestly I don't think used to care but now he does. Now it seems that he too is looking for new ideas or new products which is great.

We went up to Nelson Bay for the weekend, I didn't cheat too much on clean eating and on the way back we dropped into Olivers Real Food. This place was great I could have spent hours in there. Sadly we had eaten lunch so the only thing I purchased were some sweet potato chips, but Olivers was right next to McDonalds so honestly there is ZERO excuse for cheating when your on a North Coast drive. Check it out. There are 3 locations on the North Coast. Lets hope more pop up soon.

This is what I purchased, 100% gluten free certifed organic Sweet Potato Chips by Thomas Chipman. They are made in Australia. They were $5.90 and tasted great.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lemons and why I use them everyday

When I do my grocery shopping without even writing it on my list I automatically go for the lemons and limes. I buy 7 lemons a week and I use at least 1 lemon every day.

 My daughter takes apple to school so I chop it up and coat in fresh lemon juice because she hates brown apple.

I take a lemon to work and slice it through the day and squeeze the juice into my glass and add boiling water. I sip on this until it is finished and I end up consuming about 4 glasses of lemon water a day.

I also use lemon on cooked lamb, cooked fish, on top of my Zucchini patties (recipe on my recipe page).

 I first learnt about lemon's when I started dieting and read the heath benefits that include being able to assit in regulating your metabolism because it is a natural digestive acid. It also contains Pectin Fibre which helps to reduce your hunger and cravings.

The main thing for me that I noticed when I introduced this though was the benefit and effect it had on my skin. My skin felt fresh, free of blemish's and clean. Lemons also aid in sore throats, rheumatism and arthritis, reducing fever and to strengthen your immunity.

I made the decision 6 months ago to drink lemon water every day and eveyday at work its now a routine that I have 1 lemon on my desk and I make sure every last drop of fresh juice is gone by the end of the day.