Sunday, 16 September 2012


OK so its been a while since I posted on here. I am not sure why really, maybe busy, enjoying my exercise, not needing to clear my head with writing things down, work has been flat out its my busiest time of year. Maybe though they are all just excuses for being lazy.

The reason now is because now as of today I have no more sessions with Tim. Its pretty sad to say the least and something that I think has kept me motivated and busy for so long that I don't really even know what to write. I have learnt so much about myself and the gym in such a short amount of time its hard to stop something when you feel like its become part of your natural routine.

I am scared (yes I know its a personal trainer and not the end of the world) but I have been battling with my weight and muscle gain for so long that now having to do it myself is daunting. Will I get the same results and can I motivate myself is the main points of concern.

The reason for leaving - MONEY - the first, last and ONLY reason for stopping. If I had enough money I would do it all year. The reality is with 2 babies and financial comittments and realistic goals to meet its just not possible at the moment. Is this an excuse NO its just life and I know I have been so fortunate to have this luxury I seem to be complaining about losing but I can't help it. It keeps me mentally sane, focused and stable and away from alcohol which has been a monkey on my back for so long. So stopping my training with Tim scares me for alot of reasons. Will I fail as a mum again, start drinking way too much and be consumed by other things instead of focusing and eating clean food. For alot of you this probably doesn't seem like a big deal but for me this is the biggest thing I have had to face in months. I suppose admitting to anyone you think you had a drinking problem is a big deal, admitting it to yourself is an even bigger deal.

I will always remain truly thankful to Tim for all he has taught me and for the ditch that I was able to get myself out of. To get away from drinking 5 days a week even though I am sure he wasn't aware of this, it was the 5am sessions that stopped me drinking 2 bottles the night before. The techniques, the confidence to lift heavy weights and the knowledge of what to do and the experience. I cannot recommend Tim enough to anyone in Sydney that would like a personal trainer he is someone that can motivate and educate in so many ways and for someone that is just 19 years of age most days this would amaze me that someone so young can teach you so much about youself.

I suppose the next month or two I will be on here alot, blogging about unnecessary food items, workouts or whinging about stuff that isn't really relevant.

Do yourself a favour and contact Tim. I am hoping this isn't the end of my training with TDPT.

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