Thursday, 26 April 2012

The beginning of the new beginning

2008 - I lost 35kg by June, became pregnant December with my second baby (a boy)

2009/2010 - I lost  30kg

2011 - I lost another 10kg and finally weighing in at my smallest 77kg (I am 176cm tall)

2011/2012 - December - April - I have now gained 6kg (Which feels like 40kg)

The new beginning for me is a lifestyle change for good. To educate my children the importance of exercise and healthy life balance. I have a new obsession with Clean Eating thanks to Amanda at and I am excited about the challenges I have to face.

I say excited because last month losing even another 4kg seemed like the hardest task I would need to face. I thought the best way to block this was to go back to my old habits of champagne, cheese, chips and more champagne and maybe a few more chips and cheese. I was looking at it in a negative way not a positive.

I have spent the past week trying to work it out, trying to workout why I avoid the gym, why the excuse is easier than the solution and I came up with so many answers and finally last night it all became clear.  This is what I discovered and now will be the benchmark for the new beginning.

The Issue, The Solution and The Future

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