Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lemons and why I use them everyday

When I do my grocery shopping without even writing it on my list I automatically go for the lemons and limes. I buy 7 lemons a week and I use at least 1 lemon every day.

 My daughter takes apple to school so I chop it up and coat in fresh lemon juice because she hates brown apple.

I take a lemon to work and slice it through the day and squeeze the juice into my glass and add boiling water. I sip on this until it is finished and I end up consuming about 4 glasses of lemon water a day.

I also use lemon on cooked lamb, cooked fish, on top of my Zucchini patties (recipe on my recipe page).

 I first learnt about lemon's when I started dieting and read the heath benefits that include being able to assit in regulating your metabolism because it is a natural digestive acid. It also contains Pectin Fibre which helps to reduce your hunger and cravings.

The main thing for me that I noticed when I introduced this though was the benefit and effect it had on my skin. My skin felt fresh, free of blemish's and clean. Lemons also aid in sore throats, rheumatism and arthritis, reducing fever and to strengthen your immunity.

I made the decision 6 months ago to drink lemon water every day and eveyday at work its now a routine that I have 1 lemon on my desk and I make sure every last drop of fresh juice is gone by the end of the day.


  1. Perhaps you were Greek in another life? As someone of Greek background let me tell you lemons are our best kept secret. We all have a tree in our backyard (in Australia at least) and use lemons on EVERYTHING!

  2. Quite possibly because I love Greek food, feel free to pass on any recipes or lemons my way !!!