Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Find

I always love when I purchase something new to use in the kitchen that I know has alot of benefits. I get so excited I want to share it with the world !!! I take pictures and show my children (who honestly don't really share my excitement). I tell my husband over and over endlessly who honestly I don't think used to care but now he does. Now it seems that he too is looking for new ideas or new products which is great.

We went up to Nelson Bay for the weekend, I didn't cheat too much on clean eating and on the way back we dropped into Olivers Real Food. This place was great I could have spent hours in there. Sadly we had eaten lunch so the only thing I purchased were some sweet potato chips, but Olivers was right next to McDonalds so honestly there is ZERO excuse for cheating when your on a North Coast drive. Check it out. There are 3 locations on the North Coast. Lets hope more pop up soon.

This is what I purchased, 100% gluten free certifed organic Sweet Potato Chips by Thomas Chipman. They are made in Australia. They were $5.90 and tasted great.

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