Thursday, 28 June 2012

Its my birthday

SO - its my birthday next week, and I have declared it DRINK, EAT and DONT FEEL GUILTY.

That started great, I didn't do a workout this morning because I got my hair done last night so I have felt "guilty" all day. I am already wondering what I should eat at the restaurant that won't be too bad and wondering if I should lock in a session Sunday afternoon because my lovely parents are taking us to Yum Cha for my birthday. I am also wishing my weekend would go fast so I can lock in some gym sessions for every day next week.

So as you can see the Drinking, Eating and NOT feeling guilty is really working. Its strange I seem to feel my most comfortable when my sessions are booked in and my fridge is packed for "clean eating".

I think it has actually become my natural thought process because I am seeing results. When I started my toning journey with TDPT I told myself that I would not get on the scales. Finally being happy with my size all I wanted was to start some serious muscle definition. I have started to feel strong, I can see the improvement in my workouts and finally this week POP out came some muscle definition on my arms. So this morning I did it, I jumped on the scales and I am 1kg down. Not that excited because I am not focusing on it, but excited because the theory seems to be working.

Eat clean, lift heavy.  Eat clean, lift heavy.

Monday starts a new mindset for me, hopefully more than 5 workouts a week and a month of Sunday's booked in with Amanda Weekes at Maroubrah, you can check out her page here on facebook. I will still be doing my trianing with Tim but this is a added extra for the month to shake it up a bit and pick her brain.


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