Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Its not an excuse ! (Is it)

OK - so I have realised today that I am not superwomen. Ruff has been away since Monday, and I have managed to complete the following:
  • Eat clean EVERY SINGLE DAY breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 2 litres of water every single day
  • 1 load of washing every day (yes that counts!!!)
  • My daughter's homework (yes she did it herself but I still need to be a good positive mummy and sit with her, although my advice on math's is not encouraged!!)
  • 2 training sessions (one with the babies)
  • work 4 days (a fifth being Friday)
  • Create 2 new recipes
  • Made 2 new positive contacts
  •  laughed, laughed and laughed alot more
This week with my babies has been fantastic, however I have to be honest I cancelled this afternoon's session wtih TDPT. Now despite my last blog about "excuses" I don't believe this is an excuse its more a legitimate reason. See my daughter has her school disco, and my son needs to be picked up from day care all in about 1.5 hours. Now whilst I like to think I am totally fantastic and do at times float my own boat, I fear that this could have been one of those times where the boat sank!!!.

I don't want to be trying to cram in so many things that I forget how to sit down on the floor and play with my babies, to make sure my daughter's hair is perfect for her disco. To get my son in time before I need to pick her up so I can give him one on one time too. To be a great mum I have realised that somedays I need to say no to things and yes to everything else. If today means No to training then it means yes to being a awesome mum and I can live with that.  I have been through a stage when being a mum was a chore, somedays the most difficult thing I could fathom doing but I have come thru the clouds to realise their beautiful little faces and somedays I just can't get enough of them.

I will do a run in the middle here somewhere. But without rushing, screaming or cutting corners on other things that are important today.

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