Monday, 16 July 2012

Yes I have a Trainer sometimes 2 !

I am writing this in annoyance, which is not normally what I do but to me this was important to share.

This morning in general conversation a work colleague was saying they had no time to get to the gym or do exercise. The conversation continued and I shared the information of having a trainer. This work colleague then continued to rant on that if I am using a trainer its no wonder I am getting results because - and wait for it - I AM CHEATING - and wait for it - BEING SELFISH WHEN I HAVE KIDS...............

I was crushed to say the least.

Apparently having someone to motivate or push you to go further, with heavier weights, or better form or out of your comfort zone is cheating and being selfish. WOW fooled me. I thought it showed more motivation to be the best you can. Selfish ? I train before my kids wake up during the week and on Sunday with Amanda I take the kids with me.

I follow a totally "clean diet", sometimes using Paleo concepts although not 100%. I cook all meals myself - breakfast, lunch and dinner for my husband, my 2 children and myself and I work fulltime. I share my recipes with other people, create my own and cook for my personal trainer on the odd occasion (when I need a guinea pig). I google non-stop when I have a chance so that I can educate myself on correct eating habits, new idea's, new ways to prepare food and new ways I can inspire myself, MY CHILDREN and my husband everyday of my life.

I have lost a total now of 65kg in the past 4 years by losing 30kg in 2008 and then 35kg again in 2009/2010 and 2011 that I gained while pregnant with my last child and I am now happy to say I am fine tuning what I have learnt.

 I am in the process of losing a few more centimetres and not concentrating as much on weight and I am now building muscle. For those of you that know how hard it is as a woman to build muscle you will appreciate the effort. For the past month I wake up at 4.45am or 5am Monday-Friday, I come home at 6am while my children are still asleep and pack lunch's for the day while having coffee with hubby. We get our 2 kids ready (nearly 3 and 6 year old) for school. We leave for work at 7am and I work 8 hours, I pick them both up and then cook dinner, do the washing, do home work, read books and play games, create new recipes and set new goals for the week. I make time for my husband when the kids are both in bed and my day does not usually finish until 11pm only to set my alarm for 4.45am and do it all over again.

I play netball on Saturday's for fun with an awesome group of ladies that I dare say saved me somewhat this year from taking a wrong turn in alot of aspects in my life. I take my daughter with me and she loves to watch and play and I LOVE the fact I take her.

My trainer (or trainers because shock horror at the moment I have 2) is not in my bed, nor did they set my alarm, get me out of bed or do any of the above chores for me I DID THEM MYSELF. I am ALWAYS tired and sore and complain very little apart from to my husband who is AWESOME and is my rock. I try and make the right decisions and choices for me and my family and point them in the right direction. My daughter now chooses water NOT cordial, she chooses raw cashews NOT a LCM sugar bar and my son chooses Strawberries NOT biscuits. They are not forced to eat these, the choices are there both healthy and bad in our house as I believe in educating them what is right in large quantities and what is right in small. My daughter does Karate, Netball & Tennis again this is her choice, she loves being active and I love her being active.

The fact someone dare say I am cheating or being selfish, cheating would mean taking a tablet or a magic pill that would do it all for me without the effort because trust me its tiring, but its my choice and I love my life.

I tribute my current state in life to alot of people my extremly supportive husband 100% but want to shout out to Tim and Amanda. If it wasn't for Amanda's blog in January this year I would be an alcoholic by now with more weight on than off because it was her clean eating inspiration that got me up and going again. If it wasn't for Tim I wouldn't be hitting the goals I am with weights and cardio everyday, I improve my session EVERYDAY.  Please take the time to check these 2 awesome MOTIVATORS out below. Trust me its worth it.

 I train with Tim Monday - Friday EVERY DAY and I train with Amanda on Sunday's at Marourbra.


  1. Great post! It's the decisions you are making the other 23 hours that really make a difference not the one hour with with the trainer. That person is just looking for an excuse to make themselves feel better they aren't working as hard as you. Keep it up!
    Instagram @sistersinshape

  2. Thank you Erica - I haven't heard it put that way before - just followed instagram @Family_Fit