Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Shits about to get serious

So lately I have been thinking, and talking to hubby to about my goal. What is it? Can my goal really be just to get as toned and fit as possible? Can I upkeep such a thing once I have achieved it? Without getting burnt out?

I am still pondering this, wondering if there is a amatuer crossfit style competition, whether going back to the 4km races I used to do or maybe doing something like joining Karate is an idea. So while I do ponder I have decided to crank it up a little more.

Hubby purchased these for me and at first I felt like a dork even carrying them into the gym, now they are my everyday necessity that I take with me and cherish. Thanks hunny bunny. BRING ON THE BIG WEIGHTS and BIG SESSIONS.

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