Sunday, 22 July 2012

Rest your mind & your body

My hubby purchased this diary for me well over 3 years ago on a work trip away from Kikki K. At the time I was SOOO cranky, he had been away for 4 days and our daughter was quite young and he arrived back just short of mothers day and this is what I got....... AWESOME a fricken diary. I was so annoyed and upset I think I remember having an argument about it a few times.

So a few years have now past and this is the best thing I have that I carry everywhere. Its in my handbag everyday. I don't write in it everyday just days when I have done something I want to remember, that I am proud of myself for or proud of my children for and milestones we have in our life. The targets that I have set and way's I want to achieve them and goals for every day. In the past I have written some upsetting things about arguments I have had, about down days I have had and about awesome days I have had. I have stapled the first portion of it together never to be read again as I start my new clean eating adventure and as I have vowed for this to now be my life I refuse to read back in the past instead just to focus on the future.

The kitchen journal (behind the diary) was a present from my sister, it has recipes in it, spaces for my recipes and just little nice notes and suggestions through it. I used this to write my new "clean eating" recipes in now and on Sunday after my session with Amanda I drove home to a cafe near our house, sat with my diary and my recipe book and cleared my head, set new goals, created new recipes and finished my coffee then enjoyed my grocery shopping. No kids, no hubby just me and my list I think it took me 2 hours but it was soooo relaxing.

Remember to rest your mind and your body. Whatever your vice is to rest your mind be consistant and reap the relaxation reward.

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