Thursday, 19 July 2012

This week

My week is nearly over. This week I failed on 3 days to do my extra cardio. Honestly I just couldn't get out of bed. I still got to my normal gym routine with Tim 5 days at 5.30am and smashed it every time so pat on the back for me.

The 2 cardio extra mornings were: 

Interval on the treadmill first day - 5 min at 11pace 1 minute rest x 3

Interval on the treadmill rower - 500m run, 500m row x 3

I also managed to crash my car (very very minor)

Lose $30

Lose my entertainment book

Misplace my daughters library book

Arrive 1 hour late on 2 consecutive days for work AND grow a large pimple on my face

Below is the goal I set myself on Monday and however hard the day, I still completed this. Once the kids are in bed its wind down time for Hubby and I so I normally work this into my stretching time. It sounds like alot but doesn't take long and I found myself accountable. I nearly forgot last night, it was 10pm but my want to achieve this got me out of bed in my Jammies to do it and I did.

Goals are easy to set, but achieving them is a test of your determination
Don't let an excuse stop you

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